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FRIDAY, 17:00-20:00 – TWERKSHOP

with Fannie Sosa

Fannie Sosa

„Hello beautiful soulful friend of color!

——> you want to perfect how you move your ass?

——-> you want to do it in a sex positive, body positive environment?

———>you want to know more about the spiritual, political, Black and queer background behind this movement?

———> you want to explore what it feels like to be looked at when you manifest divine pride and you locate it on your ass?

———>you want to enjoy good, warm, fun times?


Twerkshops are a platform to share knowledges tied to our root chakra where the kundalini energy lies, waiting for you to summon it.

——> we’ll see how to manifest this energy and her joyful vitality

——-> we’ll look into how this energy can be perceived in public spaces

——-> we’ll reflect on how this energy can be harnessed to protect you and used to transform hostile spaces

This twerkshop is open to all queer people of color- consent, respect and compassion are the only guidelines.

——>Come as you are! With an attire that makes you feel both comfortable and sexy. No jeans if u want to unleash the booty!!

Max amount of participants: 15 people

Open to: queer people of color

Duration: 2.5-3 hrs

Languages: english, french, spanish, portuguese

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