Sara – my whole life was a struggle

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The Kurdish WomenCounsil Dest Dan-berlin (one of many WomenCouncils in germany) will give a brief introduction, that will shed light on the different levels of the current situation. There will be the possibility to answer questions and they will be available for discussion.



Sara – my whole life was a struggle

Kurdistan 2015

Documentary about the life of Sakîne Cansiz (SARA), founding member of the PKK, which was murdered with two other women 2013 in Paris. She is one of the most important simbolic figures of the kurdish movement, especially for women. The documentary tells her life story in chronological order: childhood, youth, founding of the PKK in 1978, ten years prison term until she and two comrades of her, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez, were murdered in Paris on January 9th in 2013.

The legendary, rebellious, unyielding and revolutionary Kurdish woman with red hair… Sakine Cansız, whom we hear much but know less about, has left a period of her life into the pages of history with her three-volume book “My Whole Life Was A Struggle‘. History is never dust-laden shelves! History is essentially every second we live. She was a revolutionary believing the history to be alive… As a loyalty to her memory, it is a heaviest and most honorable responsibility of ours to convey her life to new generations. In the SARA – “MY WHOLE LIFE WAS A STRUGGLE” documentary, Sakine is being told about by herself, her parents and siblings, and mostly by her comrades…“

Director: Dersim Zeravan

Duration: 95 Min

Language: Kurmanci / Turkish with english subtitles

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