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In our Own Words

The book contains texts by and about women and includes 10 testimonials of refugee women in Germany: women who could have migrated, but wouldn’t have been given a visa. Women who became refugees in their own regions before attempting to reach Europe by the deadly routes available. Women fleeing war, poverty and environmental disasters caused by corporation’s greed, women fleeing persecution for not conforming to the gender they were assigned at birth. Women running away from their own families for not accepting domestic violence perpetrated by patriarchy.

About Jennifer Kamau:

Jennifer Kamau: In December 2012, she founded together with other activists the International Women Space in the former Gehart Hauptmann school in Berlin, which was occupied by refugees and activists. In the end of 2015 International Women Space published the book „In our own words”. It includes texts by and about women and includes ten testimonials from refugee women in Germany.

Open to: All

Duration: 20 min reading, 60 min discussion

Languages: English and German

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